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Why learn? To make a living . . . or make a life?

The Institute for the Humanities hosts an "intercollegiate" discussion

Joanna Madloch

First place winners: Verona High School

French Day 2015

Mike Peters

Last year's language days organizers. Left to right: Kate Loysen (Modern Language and Literatures), Anne Edstrom (Spanish and Italian), Victoria Larson (Institute for the Humanities), Mary Ann Re (Coccia Institute)

Four Language Days at Montclair State . . .

Victoria Larson

"Cerberus," the three-headed hound!

Classics Day 2014

Classics Day winners, Ridgewood High School, Photo courtesy NJ Arts News

The Humanities -- All in the Family?

Is family tv dead? If not, is there room for a family news show on the humanities?