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Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Challenges and Opportunities

Program highlights preservation of Italy’s rich cultural heritage

Montclair Translates for Milan via Florence at EXPO 2015: Titling Techniques for Live Performances (Dec. 11)

Accessibility for Cinema and TV: Two In-class Talks by Elena Di Giovanni (Nov. 9 and 12)

Jhumpa Lahiri Inspires Near Capacity Audience at Montclair State

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist finds creative freedom in the Italian language and culture

Montclair State Student Subtitles Acclaimed Documentary, The Rule

Translating Pop Culture: A Talk by Michael Moore (Oct. 8)

Jhumpa Lahiri on Studying and Writing in Italian

Digital Humanities on the Startup Platform Authorea

Italian Students Surtitle for Milan's Piccolo Theater (Video)

"Business Italian Style" at Saint Peter's Prep