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Photo: Gina Eide

Kristen Bryfogle ’16 - Finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship

Photo by Nicolella Photography

Monica Odom '10 – Literary Agent

Jennifer Cobuzzi '08 - Lecturer and Researcher in Psychology

Alexandra Schultz '09 - Marketer at McGraw-Hill Education

Matt Monaco '16 - A Career Path in the Nonprofit Sector

Photo by Gina Eide

Nozrin Laskar '14 - Religion Major and Dentist-in-Training

Chelsea Perrotty '12, Red Hawk to Red Carpet

Alyra Liriano '12: Seton Hall Law and Multilingual Career Path

Mike Peters

Mr. Mayor - Lester E. Taylor III '97

Photo by Gina Eide

Cody LaCosta: Pro Cyclist and Political Science Major