Spanish-Italian News and Events

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Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Challenges and Opportunities

Program highlights preservation of Italy’s rich cultural heritage

Montclair Translates for Milan via Florence at EXPO 2015: Titling Techniques for Live Performances (Dec. 11)

Accessibility for Cinema and TV: Two In-class Talks by Elena Di Giovanni (Nov. 9 and 12)

Jhumpa Lahiri Inspires Near Capacity Audience at Montclair State

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist finds creative freedom in the Italian language and culture

Montclair State Student Subtitles Acclaimed Documentary, The Rule

Oct. 13: Cine cubano al desnudo

Translating Pop Culture: A Talk by Michael Moore (Oct. 8)

Jhumpa Lahiri on Studying and Writing in Italian

Digital Humanities on the Startup Platform Authorea

Spanish Italian 2015 Newsletter