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Montclair Philosophy Colloquium Series

"What is Latin American Philosophy?" Stephanie Rivera Berruz (William Patterson) 10.30.15

Oct. 14: Patricia Matthew, Reading Percy through Mary

New Research by Debra Zellner and Alumna Jennifer Cobuzzi

Study Finds a Better Way to Get Kids to Eat School Lunch Veggies – "Dessert" Must Be Last

Patricia Matthew: October 14th "Reading Percy through Mary: Intersectional Politics in Prometheus Unbound and Valperga"

Michael Bross wins Arts by the People Chapbook Contest

Sara Cooper's new show Elevator Heart premiers at Dixon Place

Claudia Cortese publishes a collection of essays and a new poetry collection

Alex Csedrik publishes two new stories

Kathy Kurto selected as 2015-16 Fellow in MSU Engaged Teachers Program