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Grover Furr Publishes New Book

Yezhov Vs. Stalin

March 2 - Knowledge in the Body

Philosophy for Lunch

English Professor Jeffrey Gonzalez Profiled in The Montclarion

Humble Professor Stirs Students' Interests in American Literature

Students and English Faculty Coffee Hour

Come Join English Faculty for Conversation and Coffee

Teresa Fiore and Marisa Trubiano Receive Grant

New Article by Tiger Roholt on Meta-Philosophy and Aesthetics

New Book by Mark Clatterbuck

2017 Coccia-Inserra Teaching Award

CHAD Speaker Series - Spring 2017

Coordinated by Dr. Lucy Sant'Anna Takagi

Translating for Advertising at Hogarth Marketing Worldwide

A presentation by Dalia Lopez, Transcreation Assistant Account Executive and MSU Graduate Student in Spanish Translation