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The Infant Jupiter Nurtured by the Goat Amalthea, Nicolas Poussin, 1638

"Nature? Or nurture?"

The Institute for the Humanities hosts an interdisciplinary conversation.

Newark Public Library, where Neil Klugman works in Goodbye Columbus: "I sat on a bench and looked out towards Broad Street and the morning traffic," (Philip Roth: Goodbye, Columbus)

Jersey-scape Poets,William Carlos Williams, Philip Roth: "an attachment so rooted"

Cover art (detail): Talk About A Dream: The Essential Interviews of Bruce Springsteen (courtesy Bloomsbury Press), Photo copyright Frank Stefanko.

Series explores New Jersey through the Work of Bruce Springsteen, Philip Roth, and William Carlos Williams

Two culminating events in a year-long series that explores the role of New Jersey as an inspiration for the arts, humanities, and experiments in living . . .

Robert Mann, host of 'Humanities Connection'

Radio Show Discusses 'A Sense of Place'

Does place matter in the humanities in general, does it matter in literature in particular?

Classics Day winners, Ridgewood High School, Photo courtesy NJ Arts News

The Humanities -- All in the Family?

Is family tv dead? If not, is there room for a family news show on the humanities?

Adrienne Baxter Bell

George Inness' 'Poetry of Place'