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Nov. 18, 2014: Screening of "The Rule" by Italian American Directors Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno

Sept. 15, 2014: Business Italian Style: "The Business Video-Interview- Goals and Strategies"

Oct. 2, 2014 (6:30pm): Italian Writings Abroad: A Presentation of Two Anthologies

Oct. 2, 2014 (10:30am): Scrittori Tra Due Mondi/Writers Between Two Worlds: A One-Day Symposium

The Humanities in the Startup Economy

...with a possible anthem for CHSS (see video below)

Italian Club Students Discover Renzo Piano's Architecture in New York (April 2014)

Dr. Fiore's Research (Spring 2014)

Article in Italian translation; Interview about research on Radio24; NYU panel; presentations at La MaMa Theatre.

Inserra Assistant Awarded Spring 2014 Columbian Foundation Scholarship

TV Episode and Video on Renzo Piano Events

Dr. Fiore’s Research (Summer and Fall 2013)

Dr. Teresa Fiore presented at a panel at NYU, was selected as Visiting Fellow at the CEMS (NYU) and invited to join a journal’s editorial board