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Media Coverage on Inserra March and April Events

NJTV "State of the Arts" Features Inserra and Italian Program

Italians in America: Recent Documentaries and Photographs

Program provided new insights about the Italian American experience

A Panel on the Reggio Emilia Approach (03/15)

U.S. Responses to an Italian Educational Philosophy

Student Contest: Your Metaphor for Learning Italian

Short Video Contest for Students: Adopt an Italian UNESCO Site (NEW DEADLINE: 12/2)

Montclair State Expands Titling Collaboration with Prescott Studio

Students of Italian will continue to translate and title voices across continents

Italians in America: Recent Documentaries and Photos (Feb. 8)

Teresa Fiore Published Two Articles on Italian Migrations in Spanish-language Journals in Spain and Argentina

The Columbian Foundation Donates $2,000 towards an Italian Scholarship