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Media Coverage of Conversation with Choreographers Greco and Scholten

Feb. 17, 2015 Event on the Creation of the Dance Performance ROCCO

Feb. 4, 2015: Screening of Visconti's "Rocco and His Brothers"

Inserra Assistant Awarded Fall 2014 Columbian Foundation Scholarship

Dr. Fiore’s Research (Summer/Fall 2014): NYU Fellowship; Meeting Italian Chamber of Deputies President; IIC Presentation; La Voce Articles

Reading Foreign Voices: An Interdisciplinary Conversation about Audiovisual Translation

Nov. 18, 2014: Screening of "The Rule" by Italian American Directors Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno

Sept. 15, 2014: Business Italian Style: "The Business Video-Interview- Goals and Strategies"

Oct. 2, 2014 (6:30pm): Italian Writings Abroad: A Presentation of Two Anthologies

Oct. 2, 2014 (10:30am): Scrittori Tra Due Mondi/Writers Between Two Worlds: A One-Day Symposium

The Humanities in the Startup Economy

...with a possible anthem for CHSS (see video below)