Adjuncts are an extremely vital part of the Department of Psychology. They bring their expertise and real-life experiences to the classroom. Here is a list of the adjunct faculty who are doing just that this year!


Aidoo Carla
Amorello Brian
Benkendorf Daniel
Berado James
Brock-Murray Raymond
Brown Irisha
Cangelosi Donna
Castiglia Danielle
Clesca Cindy
Dolese Melissa
Dow Emily
Dowling Richard
Dowling Richard
Dranoff Mihaela
Dranoff Eric
Fiedeldey Steven
Finlay Cory
Forsythe Matthew
garett john
Huk Oksana
Kitzie Mark
Kowalski Stanley
Kresh Sarah
Langfelder Diane
LeBlanc Andrew
Maculaitis Martine
Mcdermott Shannon K.
McGuire Kimberly
Morgan Brett
Paredes Margarita
Petronzi Gregory
Pine David
Pingor Christopher
Pirelli Elena
Pirelli Gianni
Ramirez Sonja  
Rodriguez Negron Jose
Rotonda James
Sexton Brian
Shepherd Mason
Shuey Justine
Siiter Roland
Strollo Jennifer
Truffin Michelle
Wankmuller Michelle M.
Woolston Krystal
Yankouski Brian
Zenker Sanford
Zito Michael