The Department of Psychology houses a number of laboratories, each with its own specific research purpose. Becoming a research assistant as an undergraduate or graduate student is an excellent way of building skills essential in the field while working hands-on with the faculty who run these labs.

If you are a student (undergraduate or graduate) interested in any of these areas and want to find out about research assistant opportunities, please contact the director of the lab.

  • Child & Infant Research Laboratory
    • Director, Dr. Laura Lakusta
    • research includes infant cognitive development, child language development, and adults' representations of events
  • Cerebral Lateralization Laboratory
    • Director, Dr. Ruth Propper
    • research includes memory, effects of hand preference on behavior/cognition, sleep, emotion and spatial cognition
  • Chemical Senses & Hedonics Lab
    • Director, Dr. Debra A. Zellner
    • research includes food craving & liking, context effects on hedonic ratings
  • Clincial and Community Studies Lab
    • Director, Dr. Milton Fuentes
    • research includes racism & multiculturalism, mentoring, peace, para-social contact, school-gang based awareness, and Latino Psychology.
  • Information Processing Lab
    • Director, Dr. Yoav Arieh
    • research includes selective attention, sensory integration/multisensory processes, and auditory perception
  • Parent-Infant Interaction Lab
    • Director, Dr. Peter Vietze
    • research includes parent-child interaction, parenting style, infant assessment issues, and infants with developmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, cognitive delay and behavior problems.
  • Psychology Law Lab
    • Director, Dr. Jason Dickinson
    • research includes eye-witness testimony, forensic psychology
  • Sentence Comprehension Lab
    • Director, Dr. David Townsend
  • Speech Communication Lab
    • Director, Dr. Jennifer Pardo