Research/Mentoring Opportunities

The Department of Psychology prides itself on mentoring students. We have a number of faculty currently conducting research with the assistance of graduate students. If you are a graduate student interested in learning more about the Who's Who in our department, please check out our page and/or the Research Laboratories page.

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

"Working with Dr. Talgar has been a great experience...the research work I am doing for her is a perfect supplement to the clinical practice work I am performing in my classes. I feel that having experiences in both areas of the psychological spectrum will help me to be more effective in all that I do in the field after I graduate (in May 2009); as well, since I am well-versed in clinical/abnormal psychology and did not know much about perception and attention before working with Dr. Talgar, I feel I have additionally gained useful information in that subject matter. Dr. Talgar and I, during the school year, worked on running participants in multiple studies, of which one was presented at the national EPA convention March 2008 ("Congruent or Incongruent? Testing the Resiliency of the Picture Superiority Effect"); we, as well, hope to publish the paper on the study in a journal sometime soon. I truly appreciate having been able to have the wonderful GA experience of learning so much from her."

  --Sara Gravatt, Graduate Assistant