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Dr. Yoav Arieh


Cognition & Perception


Cognitive and perceptual processes with an emphasis on hearing processes, selective attention, multi-sensory integration and decision making


Dr. Julian Keenan


Cognitive Neuroimaging


self-awareness and the brain; deception and deception detection; evolutionary cognitive neuroscience



Dr. Laura Lakusta


Developmental Psychology


Cognitive and language development with focus on the nature of pre-linguistic thought and how learning language may influence the way children think about the world


Dr. Jennifer Pardo


Cognitive Psychology


Language and cognition; Production and perception of speech


Dr. Ruth Propper


Cognitive Psychology


Lateralized cortical contributions to memory


Dr. Deborah Ragin


Health Psychology


Health psychology, with a focus on the socio-ecological model to explain health outcomes.  Healthy communities; Health economics; Health disparities and health systems; Health policy


Dr. Peter Vietze


Developmental Psychology


A model of parenting style in parents with young children;  Mother-infant/toddler interaction; Mastery motivation in infancy; Adolescents with developmental disabilities; Intervention with infants/toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders


Dr. Debra Zellner


Experimental Psychology
Sensation & Perception


Cognitive influences on hedonic judgments particularly concerning food