Why Study Religion?

Religion plays an outsized role in the lives of individuals, communities, and nations in today's world.  Nationally, we see everything from carefully argued Supreme Court decisions about religious freedom to political debates over the role of religion in matters related to family cohesion, sexuality, and social justice.  Globally, religion is a major force in politics and thus is a dominant theme in both major news outlets and social media.

A degree in Religion provides students with broad cultural literacy and top-notch critical thinking skills.  Nationally, Religion majors perform exceptionally well on standardized tests for post-graduate and professional study:

• Religion majors are among the top three performers on the Verbal and Analytic Writing sections of the GRE for graduate school.
• Religion majors tie for second place (with Philosophy majors) for overall scores on the LSAT exam for law school.

In the Department of Religion at Montclair State, we maintain ties with alumni long after graduation day and are proud of their success.  Here is a glimpse of our graduates’ career paths.**

33% - Education (college/university & K-12 education)*

24% - Helping Professions (ministry, social services, health & wellness)

22% - Business (management, marketing, training, sales)

  7% - Law & Government

  7% - Freelance/Part-time (writing/editing, art/design)

  7% - Graduate/Professional School

Contact Us

Questions? Please contact Maureen Corbeski, program assistant for the Department of Religion at 973-655-3682 or in Dickson Hall 450.


*Religion provides students with a broad-based liberal arts education, so is an approved major for NJ K-6 Teacher Certification.

**These figures are for 45% of Montclair State Religion alumni. If you’re an alum who’s not been in touch for a while, please send us an update! 

We continue to collect data about alumni careers and will refresh it periodically.