Graduate Assistants

Robert D. McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistant:

 Graduate Assistantship Appointments (AY 16-17):

Krystal Alexander, Graduate Assistant
Stephanie Bergman, Graduate Assistant
Kelly Klinger, Graduate Assistant
Briana Rogers, Graduate Assistant
Fatima Neely, Teaching Assistant





Graduate Assistants:

  • are considered full-time students and must be enrolled for 9 credits per semester
  • must fully matriculate in a master's degree program at Montclair State
  • must maintain at least a 3.00 GPA during each semester of the assistantship
  • fulfill twenty (20) hours per week
  • receive a tuition and University-wide fee remission and a stipend
    • Fees that are specific to courses or individual students are not included in the remission (e.g. Art studio fees, supplies, parking and/or Health Insurance, books, graduation fee etc.).
  • may not be hired as adjuncts. Graduate assistants may not be hired as adjuncts or in any other employment status at the University while they are graduate assistants.
  • Term of the Assistantship: One full academic year, beginning September 1 and ending June 30.
Assistantships are NOT available to students:

1. seeking any type of certificate or certification only,
2. who are teaching or completing their in-service supervised training as an M.A.T. student,
3. maintaining a non-degree status, or
4. with a conditional matriculation

How Students Apply:
There is no separate application form for the graduate assistantship.

Graduate Assistantships will be considered as part of the admission process to a graduate degree program. Most of our graduate degree programs have rolling admission, so the earlier a student completes the application for admission, the greater chance the student has to be considered for open graduate assistantship positions.

Recommendation for Graduate Assistantship Appointment

Departments will send their recommendation for graduate assistantship appointments to The Graduate School. The official offer of an assistantship, and final appointment into a position, is conducted through The Graduate School. The official offer of appointment will be sent, via regular mail, to the student from The Graduate School. NO appointment is official or finalized unless it is approved by The Graduate School.

* Students should not begin work until they have signed and accepted the offer and terms of the assistantship with The Graduate School. Employment papers (I-9 Eligibility of Employment and W-4 tax forms) must be completed at The Graduate School before beginning the graduate assistantship position.

Returning Graduate Assistants

Graduate students may be reappointed to a second year into the same graduate assistantship position. Any individual assistantship may not exceed a total of four semesters (two academic years), regardless of the department in which the student serves.

General Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships

Ensuring that our graduate students are having challenging, productive and rewarding assistantship experiences is always important. Each graduate assistant should be involved with activities/projects that relate to faculty research, clinical/field work assignments and/or instructional responsibilities in the student's master's degree program. In addition, each graduate assistant should be assigned to a faculty mentor in their program of study to help ensure that the assistantship is directly related to the student’s program of study.