Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 FAQs

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1. Who is my academic advisor?
Find out who your faculty advisor is by logging onto your WESS account and clicking on WHO IS MY ADVISOR, or by contacting the secretary of the Department.

2. I need to complete the World Languages requirement. How do I go about signing up for a class?
The Department has very clear guidelines about student placement in Spanish and Italian courses depending on the language you studied in high school and the date you graduated from high school. Click here for Placement Policies 

3. Can I take the NYU Proficiency Exam to test out of the World Language requirement?
You must first take the Montclair State University placement test ( to determine your level in the language. Depending on your level, consult with the language coordinator about the score you would need to receive on the NYU Proficiency Test to be given a waiver from the language requirement. The NYU placement test gives credits for the language; if your score is high enough, you are waived from taking language courses at Montclair State.

4. Can I take the CLEP exam to test out of the World Languages Requirement?
Please note the Montclair State University policy as articulated in University catalog: “Students receiving six (6) credits in foreign language will be required to complete an additional six (6) credits of foreign language to fulfill the language requirement. Students earning twelve (12) credits will be required to complete either ‘Structure of American English (LING220),’ an upper level course in the same language, or a lower level course in a different language.” CLEP credits must appear on the student’s transcript for options 1 (“Structure of American English”) or 3 (lower level course in a different language).

5. I want to study abroad during the summer. Can I get credits for a language course? 
Yes, if the course is substantially similar to ours. Please refer to the above question and answer concerning work at another institution, and please consult Dr. Galoppe for questions about programs in Spanish and Dr. Enza Antenos-Conforti for questions about programs in Italian.

6. I am a transfer student. Can I transfer the language courses I took at my previous institution to Montclair State to fulfill the World Language Requirement?
Yes. If the credits from another institution have been posted on your academic analysis record as free electives and you want to use them to complete the World Language Requirement, please contact Dr. Galoppe for Spanish transfer credits and Dr. Enza Antenos-Conforti for Italian transfer credits.

7. How can I find out what courses I need to complete a major or minor in Spanish and Italian? 
The Department office (CS222) has information about all the programs offered in Spanish and Italian. The Department website also lists information. You can also consult your advisor. Finally, the website of the Center for Advising and Student Transitions also lists four year plans for Spanish and Italian majors.

8. Does the Department offer Independent Study courses? 
Please talk to Dr. Galoppe for Spanish courses and Dr. Enza Antenos for Italian courses.

9. What is the process for being accepted into the Teacher Education Program?
If you consult the website of the Center of Pedagogy, you will find detailed information about the admissions process. Your home department—Spanish/Italian—requires nine credits of major courses before you can apply to the program. Please contact Dr. Edstrom in Spanish or Dr. Antenos in Italian concerning the dates of the interviews for admission to the program.

10. Who answers questions about the Teacher Education Program? 
Please contact Dr. Edstrom for questions about the Teacher Education Program in Spanish and Dr. Antenos for questions about the Teacher Education Program in Italian.