Placement Policy

All students who have taken Spanish or Italian in high school must take the MSU Placement Exam if they wish to study Spanish or Italian at Montclair State University. Students who want to fulfill their foreign language requirement at another university or community college need to present their score on the MSU placement exam in order to be given department approval for work completed at another institution.

Students cannot automatically place themselves in a certain course level without taking the exam and finding out their placement score, and they will be asked to show their placement score the first day of class.

Department policy states that the appropriate level for students who had two years of Spanish in high school is at least SPAN 102.

Students who register for an inappropriate course level will be asked to leave the first day of class. The Department does not guarantee students a slot in another course under these circumstances.

Students interested in Spanish may take the placement test on-line ( Students who want to take the Italian placement exam should contact Jessica Brandt, Language Placement Coordinator, to set up an appointment ( or 973-655-6955).

For questions about the level of placement, please contact Dr. Juan Jurado, Coordinator of Spanish Language Courses ( or 973-655-5488) or Dr. Andrea Dini, Coordinator of Italian Language Courses (