5 year BA/MA Program

Earn a BA and MA degree in Spanish in only five years!

This exciting new program is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate work in Spanish.  Qualified students are accepted into the program in their junior year and begin to take graduate courses in their senior year.  Students graduate with a BA upon completion of 120 credits, and then continue to complete graduate work (33 credits) the following year.  After only five years of study, students have both degrees.

  • This program has many academic benefits: students are able to complete in five years a course of study that currently takes six years as a minimum at Montclair State University.  Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. are eligible to apply for doctoral programs with this combined degree.
  • This program is cost-effective: students complete graduate work in a faster period of time than the traditional graduate student at Montclair State University and pay undergraduate tuition fees for all graduate courses taken during the senior year.  Department scholarships are available for students enrolled in the BA/MA program.
  • This program has many job-market benefits: students with a MA degree are well positioned for jobs in teaching, the publishing industry, cultural organizations, translation work, and employment in study abroad programs. 

For more information about entrance requirements and the specifics of the program, please contact: Dr. Linda Gould Levine, levinel@mail.montclair.edu or Dr. Diana Guemárez-Cruz, guemarezcruz@mail.montclair.edu.

The new 33 credit MA program in Spanish includes courses in Latin American and Spanish literature, translation, interpretation, Hispanic linguistics, and special topics in teaching Spanish in K-12. 

  • Students complete 21 credits in literature courses and 12 credits in electives from among the categories listed above.  The diversity in elective credits allows students maximum flexibility and a wide offering of courses in different fields.
  • Scholarships and a graduate assistantship are available for this program. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Diana Guemárez-Cruz, guemarezcruz@mail.montclair.edu or Dr. Linda Gould Levine, levinel@mail.montclair.edu.