General Education Courses


The Department of Spanish and Italian offers Beginning and Intermediate language courses in Spanish, which satisfy the 6 credit General Education Requirements in foreign language.

  • SPAN 101 (Elementary Spanish I)
  • SPAN 102 (Elementary Spanish II) - review pdf
  • SPAN 103 (Intermediate Spanish I)
  • SPAN 104 (Intermediate Spanish II)

Our first year courses help students develop basic communication skills with an emphasis on vocabulary building and functional grammar. In second year we focus on further enhancing the communicative skills acquired in previous coursework, with a particular emphasis on speaking. Students also work with longer written texts and cultural content.

SPAN 135 (Basic Spanish for Heritage Learners)
This intermediate level course is designed for students who, because of their exposure to Spanish at home or in the community, have a general familiarity with the language and understand some spoken Spanish but have had little or no formal instruction. This course emphasizes communication skills and the development of the abilities needed to read, write, and speak Spanish in a variety of contexts.



The Italian section of the Department of Spanish and Italian at Montclair State University offers basic and intermediate Italian language courses (Italian 101, Italian 102, Italian 103, Italian 104).

At Montclair State University, language courses are part of your General Education requirements; two (2) courses must be taken to satisfy your language requirement.

If not an absolute beginner (that is, a student with no prior exposure to the language and to its formal study), any prospective student of Italian should preliminarily take our Placement Test, administered in the Language Lab, to be placed at the right level.

  • Italian 101 is designated for absolute beginners (novice level, as per the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages proficiency guidelines).
  • Italian 102, as its continuation, is for students at the novice-mid or high level.
  • Italian 103-104 should bring you to an intermediate low or mid-level of proficiency.

Please click ITAL1-2 syllabus to access our current Italian 101-102 Syllabus and ITAL3-4 syllabus for Italian 103-104 [PDF format].

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