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The Coccia-Inserra Italian Student Internship (Fall 2013) &
The Inserra-Coccia International Italian Student Internship (Spring 2014)

A highly proficient and motivated Italian Major to assist the Italian Language Program and Teacher Education Coordinators in various ways for seven hours a week. Duties include developing conversational materials and online resources for use in Italian courses, assisting with grading and other informal assessments, and engaging with students during and outside of class time using technological tools. Preference given, but not limited to, students in the Italian Teaching Certification Program and who possess strong technology skills. In specific cases, the intern may collaborate with a faculty member in Italian on a research project related to his/her future career goals. Please specify the internship for which you are applying. Two internships will be awarded:

  • The Coccia-Inserra Italian Student Internship for Fall 2013 ($1,000)

  • The Inserra-Coccia International Italian Student Internship for Spring 2014 (duties include assistance with the organization of, and, if applicable, participation in the Montclair in Florence 2014 Program) ($1,000)

Application deadline for BOTH internships: Tuesday, September 17th.

Fill out the electronic copy of the application Internship Application, save it in Rich Text Format, Word or PDF and send it by attachment to: (Dr. Andrea Dini, Chair of the Scholarship Committee) using your official MSU webmail account.

The Italian Scholarship Selection Committee establishes the criteria for all awards, review applications, and select recipients. Awards will be presented by donors at an Award Ceremony in April 2014 (date, time and place tba). Please note that scholarship recipients ***must*** attend the ceremony in person to receive their award or else the award will be withdrawn.