Advising Tips

To move through the WMGS programs most effectively and efficiently be sure to check the course offerings each semester; check WESS for the most up to date information on courses.

The WMGS major and minor are based on a progression of courses, thus you’ll want to take WMGS 102 before WMGS 201, etc. You’ll find that the upper-division courses have prerequisites that we encourage you to take (even if WESS lets you in). For example, WMGS 201 is a solid bridge course between WMGS 102 and WMGS 301 Feminist Theory. Feminist Theory will be available in the spring. WMGS 201 Inventing Feminism and WMGS 200 Global Feminisms course will be held in the fall. Please check with the WMGS director for course rotation information if you’re not sure when a course will be offered.

The GLBTQ Studies has only one required course, GLQS 200. It is only offered once a year, but the semester varies. Please refer to the semester schedules (see Courses) or contact the GLBTQ Studies Program Coordinator for assistance.

Note: WMGS 303 Global Feminism is now WMGS 200, which is called Transnational Feminisms as of Fall 2014 and Meets Gen Ed 2002 - K2 Non-Western Cultural Perspectives as well as the World Languages and Cultures Requirement - World Cultures. The only Prerequisite for this course is WMGS 102. ***Please note that this is only the case for those who take Global Feminism WMGS 200 in Fall 2012 and after.