Christians on Campus

Organization Purpose:
The purpose of our organization is 1) to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the MSU community, which may include the giving away of free Bibles on campus, 2) to provide an environment that would foster mutual Christian fellowship among the students at MSU regardless of their denominational or cultural backgrounds, 3) to help students realize and participate in the eternal purpose of God as revealed in the Bible, which would beget a true experience with Christ and love for Christ, 4) to explore with fellow students the deeper meaning of the Bible, especially how it applies to us in our living, and 5) to serve our fellow students in various practical ways to the extent that we are able (whether Christian or non-Christian) - this will include some special services for local and international students, such as help with the English language.

Organization Mission:
The mission of Christians on Campus is to serve as a forum where Christians and non-Christians, regardless of denominational affiliation, religious beliefs, or racial background, may meet and conduct an in-depth study of the Bible as well as discuss the issues facing today’s young generation. Christians on Campus will serve as a tool to assist students in their campus life which in turn will have positive ramifications upon their academic achievements. We will do this by providing a “home-like” environment where students can be connected to other students in a network of mutual support.

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