Redhawks Enjoying an Authentic Lifestyle (REAL)

  • Type: Student, Class III

Redhawks Enjoying an Authentic Lifestyle (R.E.A.L.) is a student developed, student led, Class III organization on Montclair State University campus that promotes living a healthy lifestyle. Members of R.E.A.L are asked to sign a healthy living contract stating that they will remain substance free (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs included) for the entire school year. Through this program, students learn to live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle and, in turn, teach others to do the same. R.E.A.L holds bi-monthly meetings to discuss substance free activities to hold on campus. In addition, R.E.A.L networks with other substance free groups (i.e. CALVIN and HOBBES at Bucknell University and PEANUTS at TCNJ) to share ideas and concerns. R.E.A.L is a non-discriminatory group and all MSU students who support living a healthy lifestyle may join, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

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