Chi Upsilon Sigma (ΧΥΣ)

Nickname: Cussies

Motto: Wisdom Through Education

Organization Purpose/Description: C.U.S. stands firm in our belief that sisterhood is what brought us together. Our love for C.U.S. makes us act in interesting ways, moving mountains and building bridges solely in the name of C.U.S. We have been asked many times about what it is that makes us different. We always have the same response: "When a CUSSIE walks in the room, you know that she is there. She is not afraid to voice her opinion, not afraid to be different, not afraid to "OD" (or over do what she must to get the job done)."

A CUSSIE always goes above and beyond and will never settle for mediocrity.

A CUSSIE loves with all that she is and it is this love that drives all of her actions.

A CUSSIE NEVER backs down at the face of opposition.

We are different beCUS you think of us in a different light beCUS we are not afraid to be ourselves. This makes us different.

Facebook: Montclair State Cussies

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