Omega Phi Chi (ΩΦΧ)

Organization Purpose
Omega Phi Chi Sorority (OPC) preserves the past and values our foundation. As an organization founded on diversity by eight women leaders of diverse backgrounds, OPC strives to promote multiculturalism through the various channels provided by our communities nationwide.

Organization Motto: Founded on Diversity We Dare to be Different

COLORS: Pink and Black

MASCOT: Black Panther

FLOWER: Lady's Pink Slipper a.k.a Moccasin

Mu Chapter Montclair State University Omega Phi Chi is a founding member of the National Multicultural Greek council.The term multicultural for many organizations is often used to denote acceptance of all diverse cultures. For Omega Phi Chi, multicultural means more than just acceptance, it means acting on our diversity, it is a state of mind where we think beyond our limitations and borders. Ou r sisters operate under the knowledge that we are part of a world bigger than our individual selves and that every action we take has an impact on that world at large. While we work with underserved populations in our respective communities, we also make an effort to make a difference at a global level.

HERSTORY:: Omega Phi Chi is a multicultural sorority that was established on November 9, 1988 at Rutgers University in New Jersey by eight women of Asian, African-American, and Latina descent. Our eight founding mothers were an active group of young women leaders who felt the absence of any organization on the Rutgers campus that spoke to their needs across diverse backgrounds, distinct cultural roots and a commitment to womanhood. They came together to found a multicultural sorority, a different type of organization, that would not be categorized by ethnicity or culture. Our sisterhood is based on the common bond of womanhood. We are not related to any male organization. We stand proudly on our own as women united. We are devoted to the community, academics, and the strengthening of the female culture. Our purpose is to generate unity among all women by fostering a strong sisterhood based on honesty, loyalty, respect, responsibility, academic excellence, and involvement in COMMUNITY SERVICE. As an organization founded on diversity, we thrive on a solid base of multicultural understanding and awareness that includes distinctions across race, class, and sexuality. The sisterhood cultivates high levels of openness, acceptance, and collaboration with individuals and organizations as well as promoting cultural sensitivity by educating our respective communities about living in a varied society. 



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