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Graduate Programs

Advising Coordinator for Graduate Programs: Dr. Jing Peng, Associate Professor

The graduate program in computer science began in 1978. At present there are more than a dozen full time faculty members teaching computer science courses. The special interests of these faculty include algorithms, artificial intelligence, automata theory, chaos theory, complexity theory, databases, data mining, data warehousing, expert systems, graphics, image processing, machine organization, architecture and hardware, design/management information systems, neural networks, operating systems, object-oriented programming, parallel processing, program verification, robotics, scientific computing, security, software engineering, and telecommunications. The Department has the advantage of having professional computer scientists as both faculty and visiting specialists. The visiting specialists are drawn from the aerospace, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and this mix of faculty affords the students the opportunity to obtain an education in a diverse set of practical and theoretical aspects of computer science.

The Department of Computer Science offers a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science with optional concentration in Applied Statistics or Applied Mathematics.

The graduate program in computer science is designed for students interested in pursuing computer science theoretically as well as practically at an advanced level.Two concentrations within the M.S. in Computer Science allows for the study of complementary areas that are computer intensive. The program is designed to emphasize the foundations and concepts of computer science as well as to introduce students to the new and developing areas of computer science. Concepts are developed rather than just routinely programmed. The program prepares students for professional work in the design and implementation of software systems, database systems, operating systems, artificial intelligence, graphics, image processing, parallel processing, simulation and algorithms for discrete and continuous structures that will aid in the solution of problems in science and business.The curriculum is designed to allow students to develop the skills needed to achieve leadership positions in business, industry, and government in relevant fields where computer science has become an important tool. The program is also designed to prepare teachers of computer science at the middle school, high school and two-year college levels.

The Department’s M.S. in Computer Science offers concentrations consisting of courses in a specialized area complementary to computer science and computer intensive areas.

Master’s Degrees