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In a world of ever-increasing complexity, one role of the sciences is to seek the simplest solutions. Parsimony suggests that the simplest route to answering a question is usually the correct path. Within the College of Science and Mathematics, we recognize the remarkable complexity of the earth today and strive to help our students make sense of it. Driven by data, the sciences seek answers to some of the most important questions asked. Questions about the galaxies and about the very smallest particles, questions about shifting continents and about global warming, and questions about the origins and future of life itself. At no time in history have our tools been so sharp to allow answers to come so quickly and yet, as has been true for centuries, with every answer we uncover a multitude of new questions.

The College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) welcomes students who seek answers. The College has some of the finest faculty and facilities to help guide our students towards those answers and yes, towards more questions. Whether your interests are in genome sequencing or medicine, space exploration or science informatics, geography or geology, aquatic or terrestrial sciences, calculus or computation, environmental management or analytical or organic chemistry, or in the critical field of teaching science and mathematics to our next generations, CSAM is primed to help move our students to the next phase, be it employment or graduate and professional education. Our students have been successful in the array of sciences, in part because we offer first hand experiences for doing research with our faculty. Students, through grants, independent studies, or within courses proper, get the chance to pursue answers to questions that matter. Be it in our state-of-the-art electron microscopy facility or our new Environmental Modeling Laboratory, students learn by doing. In addition, each year our students have the opportunity to present their work at professional meetings, including our annual Sigma xi Student Research Conference.

If you are contemplating an academic home for your undergraduate or graduate education, take some time to explore all that is available within the College of Science and Mathematics. Aside from our academic departments [Biology and Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Studies, Mathematical Sciences including Physics] you'll find information on our Health Careers Programs, Science and Mathematics Education degrees and programs, our Visiting Professors Program, our 240 acre New Jersey School of Conservation in Stokes State Forest, our relationship with the NJ Marine Science Consortium, opportunities for overseas courses and numerous options for pursuing research. In the spirit of parsimony, the College of Science and Mathematics at Montclair State University is simply among the best options you have available for a strong science and mathematics education within an equally strong liberal arts tradition. Here, within CSAM, you have faculty who care about their teaching and are ready to support you in your pursuit of your academic goals.