Mission Statement

The College of Science and Mathematics serves Montclair State University, the State of New Jersey and the nation with academically rigorous programs for teaching, for learning and for research in science and mathematics. The College offers strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary baccalaureate, certificate, master’s and select doctoral programs reflecting contemporary needs and research foci in science and mathematics. Through an array of discovery-based courses and research opportunities, the College encourages learning of science and mathematics for all University students. Highly skilled faculty with internationally recognized credentials and research experience are actively engaged in scientific and mathematical discovery, teaching and learning. These professionals are committed to the highest standards of education in the classroom, the research laboratory and in the field. The College provides a rich social environment that engages students in scientific depth and educational breadth to discover new knowledge and evaluate existing knowledge critically and rigorously. Discovery is the cornerstone of the educational and research mission within the College of Science and Mathematics.

The College of Science and Mathematics distinguishes itself through its commitment to sustainability and pharmaceutical life sciences via strategic growth as a national resource in select disciplines and a growing array of transdisciplinary efforts. The creation of new centers and institutes, and the enhancement of existing centers and institutes, will support research and education in the specialized science and mathematics disciplines of the 21st Century. The College continues to create and develop select research-intensive doctoral programs, increase links to relevant industries, and secure strong relationships with surrounding K-12 schools. The reach of the College of Science and Mathematics extends beyond the campus context sharing its programs and research expertise, through regional, national and international collaborations with academia, state and national labs and industry.

Our Vision

The College of Science and Mathematics is the University cornerstone for science learning, scholarship and service. The College is the catalyst for the creation of transdisciplinary programs and innovative public and private collaboration that provide regional leadership and garner national recognition in sustainability studies and pharmaceutical life sciences. The College offers transformative opportunities within a discovery-based curriculum of science, mathematics and technology to a diverse student body in preparation for 21st Century challenges. With an outstanding group of professional faculty, staff and students with an unlimited supply of inquiry, the College is an indispensable source of new knowledge and solutions. Our students are the future.