Residence Floor

The CSAM Floor, on the fifth floor of the new Walt Whitman Hall of The Heights housing complex at MSU, has been established to provide students majoring in the College of Science and Mathematics with an opportunity to live together in an environment that promotes academic excellence. The College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) has created this residential environment to be conducive to learning, and to promote personal, intellectual, social, and academic growth for our students. The goal of the CSAM Floor is dedication to education, community, and teamwork, through formal and informal social and educational activities.

CSAM understands the challenges freshmen, living away from home, may experience. That is why we have selected College of Science and Mathematics community assistants, as well as returning upperclassmen, to the CSAM Floor to help our students address concerns they may have about homesickness, time management, advancing their study skills, and living with others.

In addition to completing the required forms with the Office of Residential Education & Services, students interested in the CSAM Residence Floor should contact Dr. Jinan Jaber, Associate Dean of CSAM, at, or by phone at 973-655-5352.