Undergraduate Programs

Curriculum Planning

Suggested four-year plans for our majors can be found at the Center for Advising and Student Transitions

Interdisciplinary Degrees

The Biology Department is part of several degree programs that span more than one department. For more information, please view the Science Informatics program.

Articulation Programs

Montclair State University has articulation agreements with other universities that allow students to complete a BS in Biology at Montclair and an advanced degree elsewhere, usually in a shorter amount of time than if the two degrees were completed independently. For more information, please visit: Articulation Programs.

IMPORTANT: These are only general guidelines. Because academic programs vary depending on the year of matriculation, always consult Web Enrollment Services for Students (WESS) for specific individual degree requirements. Students can do this by selecting Analysis of Academic Progress in WESS. All students should also consult with their faculty advisor regularly to ensure all degree requirements are met.