Graduate Programs

Academic Advising for Graduate Students:

Graduate Programs
Biology MS Dr. Adams SH-122
MS conc. Science Pedagogy Dr. Adams SH-123
MS conc. Physiology Dr. Adams SH-123
MS conc. Ecology/Evolution Dr. Bologna SH-112
MS Molecular Biology Dr. Monsen SH-135
Certificate Program in Molecular Biology Dr. Monsen SH-135

Graduate Thesis Research

Thesis and non-thesis options are available for most of our graduate degrees. We strongly encourage our students to complete thesis research. A masters thesis is an in-depth and original research project conducted during your graduate studies. Students generally conduct these projects over the course of several semesters under the guidance of a faculty advisor. All students should consider the "thesis option" because prospective employers and continuing programs (i.e. Ph.D.) are more interested in applicants with substantial research experience. Learn more about our graduate research within our department!

Graduate Student Support

There are a small number of Graduate Assistantships available each year. All positions for this year have been filled. We will add opportunites here when they become available!