New Students

Welcome to the Department of Biology and Molecular Biology!

Information for Incoming Freshmen

To be able to begin your major courses, you must complete the Precalculus Readiness Test prior to your summer Orientation date. You must also complete the Chemistry Readiness Test prior to your summer Orientation date. Information on how to sign up for the tests is available from the Center for Academic Development and Assessment (CADA). Depending on your test results, you may be required to take MATH 100 (Intermediate Algebra) and/or CHEM 106 (Principles of Chemistry) before you may start taking courses in your major. We strongly encourage you to take these courses during the summer, so that you can start your major courses in the fall.

  • MATH 100 can be taken here at Montclair State, or you can take an equivalent course elsewhere and transfer the credits from that course
  • CHEM 106 may only be taken at Montclair State
  • Grades of C- or better must be obtained in these courses to begin work in your major