CEMA is currently involved in a project analyzing brownfield sites in Paterson, New Jersey for potential redevelopment. It is also involved in technical projects in both renewable energy and energy conservation. It is working with a number of professional energy consultants to develop protocols for Net Metering for the state of New Jersey. The program is intended to remove barriers and develop infrastructure for the introduction of photovoltaic power and solar hot water on a wide scale in New Jersey. It is also working with a non-profit interfaith organization to develop energy efficiencies in New Jersey congregations.

Other Research Areas:

  • Coastal management that emphasizes a water-land systems approach that considers the interactions of fluvial, estuarine, marine, groundwater, and wetland systems with patterns of human settlement and industry.
  • Analysis of contaminants in marine sediment and associated contaminant transport and chemodynamic modeling.
  • Environmental management systems that establish sustainability indicators, goals, and evaluation for a wide range of organizations.
  • Linking environmental models to remote sensing and GIS for application to landscape dynamics.