Before meeting with your assigned advisor, if you have general inquiries, there is also advising available specifically for CSAM students. Visit the Academic Advising for CSAM Students page to learn more!

Major/ProgramLast NameAdvisor
Biochemistry A - H Dr. Dyer
I - P Dr. Goodey
Q - U Dr. Rotella
V - Z Dr. Siekierka
Chemistry A - C Dr. DeSilva
D - F Dr. Eshuis
G - I Dr. Gao
J - L Dr. Gindt
M - O Dr. Hou
P - R Dr. Humphrey
S - T Dr. Isidor
U - V Dr. Kasner
W - X Dr. Talaga
Y - Z Dr. Whitener
Graduate A - Z Dr. Kasner
BS/PharmD A - Z Dr. Rotella
BS w/ teacher cert. A - Z Dr. Whitener