Research Requirements

There are certain criteria for CHEM 499 (Undergraduate Research) and students that do not meet these criteria should enroll in CHEM 498 (Senior Laboratory). Students should complete an application that indicates that you have an interest in undergraduate research, you have some idea about what your responsibilities are and you have the qualifications.

  1. CHEM 499 should be limited to Chemistry and Biochemistry majors.
  2. Research students should have completed General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II and Experimental Organic Chemistry I.
  3. Research students should have earned a grade of C or better in all chemistry classes attempted.
  4. Once a student has completed 3 credits of CHEM 499, the student should be permitted to take only 1 semester hour of CHEM 499 in any particular semester.
  5. Upon completion of CHEM 499, all students are required to prepare a formal research report

These are general criteria and exceptions can be made for outstanding students.