October 31 8:00am - 4:00pm
Topic: Approaches to Innovative Treatment - New and Emerging Technologies for LSRPs
University Hall 1020
As more projects move from the study phase into the remediation phase, it is important for the LSRP to be familiar with a full range of remedial solutions. Innovative technologies are emerging at an ever-quickening pace. This course is designed to give the participant greater familiarity with new and emerging remedial technologies and approaches for site cleanups and the factors to be considered for selection.
6 Technical CEUs (pending)
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June 6 8:00am - 4:00pm
Topic: LSRP Obligations, Requirements and use of Professional Judgement
Sokol Seminar Room (Science Hall 102)
This six-hour CEC course examines the legal and regulatory requirements and opportunities/examples of LSRP use of Professional Judgment.
One of the basic differences imposed by passage of the Site Remediation Reform Act was the use of professional judgment by LSRPs. The law allows for the LSRP to issue variances from the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation and also allows the LSRP to employ alternatives to those detailed in Department Technical Guidance. This approach allows the professional greater flexibility in determining how sites are investigated and remediated.
However, when utilizing their professional judgment, it is incumbent on the LSRP to explain the validity of using variances or alternatives.
This six-hour course will examine the legal and regulatory requirements, the opportunities to use professional judgment, and examine cases where professional judgment was employed. A panel of LSRPs, attorneys, and NJDEP representatives will give their views on the appropriate use of professional judgement.
6 Credit Hours
May 2
8:00am - 12:00pm
Topic: Environmental Chemistry for LSRPs
This 3-hour LSRP CEC course will provide a baseline understanding on how environmental laboratory data is generated, the limitations of the methods and results, and how to assess whether the data meets the project objectives. There will be a heavy focus on case studies and real-life examples. Lead instructors for this course are:
Michael H. Leftin, Ph.D.
Laboratory Director
Integrated Analytical Laboratories
Randolph, NJ
Thomas G. Cady
Agua-ProTech Laboratories
Fairfield, NJ

Course Outline

  1. Data Generation
    1. Laboratory Personnel
    2. LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
    3. Samples Through a Laboratory
    4. Major Analytical Instruments
    5. Case Studies - Questioning Data
  2. Data Evaluation
    1. Data Quality Objectives
    2. Project Set-up
    3. Field QC
    4. Lab QC
    5. Non-conformance page
    6. QC Failure examples
    7. Data doesn't conform to expectations
    8. Final data review
  3. Current Hot Topics
    1. NJDEP Data of Known Quality
    2. SPLP analysis
    3. EPH Fractionation
3 Credit Hours
Mar 19 7:30am - 12:00pm
Topic: Ethics for LSRP Professionals
Presented by the Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association
3 Credit Hours
Feb 6 7:30am - 11:00am
Room: UN-2008
Topic: Learn How to Meet NJ’s New Law Extending Deadlines for Performance of Remedial Investigations