Student Advisory Council

In determining our students' needs and attitudes, The College of Science and Mathematics has formed a Student Advisory Council. The Council is composed of an undergraduate and a graduate student representative from each of the five academic departments who will bring their and their peers' point of views and suggestions to the Dean. According to Dean Prezant, the Council "is designed to allow full discussion of issues of concern to our College and seek (students') combined input and recommendations to help advance and improve our academic home." The Council will meet once each term, with added meetings only as needed, and maintain electronic communication throughout the year.

All CSAM students are encouraged to provide input, suggestions and feedback to the Council members by e-mailing their department representative listed below.

For general inquiries, comments or suggestions please contact us through email:

You may also visit us on our Facebook Page!

Biology and Molecular Biology
Michael Young
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anastasia Andrej
Anastasia Andrej headshotMy name is Anastasia and I am working on my MS in Chemistry with a Biochemistry concentration here at MSU. I graduated with my BS in Biochemistry with minors in Biology and Gerontology in May 2013. I worked on Dr. Petroff's research team in Neurobiology during my junior and senior years as an undergraduate, but am switching gears now to the Biochemistry world - at least until I get my Master's degree. I am a Graduate Assistant in the Chemistry/Biochemistry department, which is proving to be a challenging but equally as rewarding experience. If you have any questions or suggestions about CSAM, always feel free to contact me!
Computer Science
Gabrielle Redgate
Earth and Environmental Studies
David Sharpe
Dave Sharpe headshotMy name is Dave and I am a Geoscience graduate student. I received my BS in Geoscience at Montclair in May of 2013. I was a member of SHIP and had an excellent experience doing research here. I strongly encourage everyone to get involved in some sort of research experience. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Earth and Environmental department, SHIP or CSAM, feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to help you and answer your questions.
Mathematical Sciences
Goran Dojcinoski