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Our students are an integral part of the CSAM family of scholars, researchers, and inquisitive learners. CSAM students literally have the world at their fingertips with unlimited opportunities in research with renowned faculty and areas of study not found anywhere else. 

Academic Advising Question of the Week

Why is a relationship with my academic advsior one of the most important elements of my college career?

Academic advising is about so much more than the functions of scheduling classes and preparing degree plans! Good academic advising assists students in clarifying personal and career goals, developing consistent educational goals, and evaluating the progress toward established goals. Academic advising utilizes the resources of the University and refers students to the appropriate support services. It is a decision -making process in which the sharing of information between student and advisor promotes responsible and appropriate choices and facilitates a successful academic experience as well as providing a foundation for success beyond graduation.

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We offer combined B.S./M.S. programs in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences, and a B.S./PharmD program in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and molecular biology. On the graduate level, a M.S. Chemistry/M.B.A. is available for dedicated and motivated students who want to obtain both degrees in a shorter period of time. We also were one of the first universities to offer an interdisciplinary degree in science informatics.

Perhaps you didn’t know that CSAM offers the only Ed.D. in mathematics education in the state, which prepares students for careers as mathematics educators, developers and leaders.

CSAM is deeply committed to our students’ success and is diligent in keeping pace academically in a rapidly changing world. Research is a key component to the student experience with opportunities that are diverse in nature and span the globe. Recognizing the enormous talent of our students, we offer the Science Honors Innovation Program (SHIP), which provides unparalleled opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in the research community, get a head start on graduate school, and to compete for awards, fellowships and admissions to top Ph.D. programs.

Students have a wide choice of activities and programming including lectures, seminars, and research symposia. Each year, the Student Research Symposium showcases and shares our students’ outstanding scholarship and research endeavors with the community. Through PharmFest, we bring together the state’s top movers and shakers for a daylong discussion and exploration of current issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

CSAM-specific student clubs and organizations include the Biology Club, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Club, Gotta Be Green, the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, the Physics Club, the North Jersey Astronomical Group, and Upsilon Si Epsilon (the honor society in the computing sciences.)

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