Student Advisory Council

In determining our students' needs and attitudes, The College of Science and Mathematics has formed a Student Advisory Council. The Council is composed of an undergraduate and a graduate student representative from each of the five academic departments who will bring their and their peers' point of views and suggestions to the Dean. According to Dean Prezant, the Council "is designed to allow full discussion of issues of concern to our College and seek (students') combined input and recommendations to help advance and improve our academic home." The Council will meet once each term, with added meetings only as needed, and maintain electronic communication throughout the year.

All CSAM students are encouraged to provide input, suggestions and feedback to the Council members by e-mailing their department representative listed below.

For general inquiries, comments or suggestions please contact us through email:

You may also visit us on our Facebook Page!

Biology and Molecular Biology
Shivani Patel
Shivani Patel headshotI am Shivani Patel, currently pursuing my undergraduate degrees in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry with a minor in Mathematics. I am a member of the Science Honors Innovation Program and I am working on a collaborative project under the guidance of Dr. Adams and Dr. Lee. It is my pleasure to be the undergraduate representative of the Student Advisory Council for the Department of Biology and Molecular Biology. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions regarding the Department of Biology and Molecular Biology.
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Robert Barrows
Robert Barrows HeadshotHello, my name is Robert Dennis Barrows and I am very proud to be the undergraduate representative for the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.  I am a Senior, Chemistry Major with a Mathematics Minor. After my planned graduation in 2015, I plan to pursue a PhD in Organic Chemistry.  I am also a student in the Science Honors Innovation Program and my project involves researching a new scheme for the development of a MtIGPS substrate analog which could lead to new drugs against bacterium such as Tuberculosis. As your representative I will actively listen to all your suggestions, questions, and complaints and make sure the proper administration hears them.  It is an honor to be considered the voice of my peers and I will do everything I can to make sure you are all heard.
Computer Science
Rabbi Sadman
Rabbi Sadman headshotMy name is Rabbi Sadman and I am senior obtaining a degree in Computer Science. I am the President of the Computer Science Information Technology Club here at Montclair State University. If you have and questions, concerns, or any feedback for the College of Science and Mathematics or the department of Computer Science, I will gladly assist you
Earth and Environmental Studies
Rachel Maynard
Rachel Maynard headshotHello, my name is Rachel Maynard. I am an undergraduate representative for the Earth and Environmental Sciences department in the College of Science and Mathematics. I'm a Geography major with a concentration in Environmental Studies. I am a part of the Science Honors Innovation Program studying the relationship between the contaminated area of Liberty State Park and the economic value of the surrounding residential areas. I will listen to your suggestions for improvement, answer your questions, and help you through your collegiate experience in CSAM at Montclair State University.
Mathematical Sciences
Blake Moore
Blake Moore headshotMy name is Blake and I am an undergraduate Physics major. I am a member of SHIP, and conduct research concerning Gravitational Waves with Dr. Favata. I hope to be accepted into a graduate program in 2016. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions about CSAM.