Publications & Grants

Faculty members associated with the PhD program have published extensively in scholarly venues. Between 2007 and 2012, the 16 core doctoral faculty members have published 5 books, 30 book chapters and over 250 articles in reputed journals, including but not limited to Science, Nature, Environmental Science and Technology, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Water Research, and European Journal of Marketing. They published numerous technical abstracts and conference proceedings in international, national, regional and local conferences. View a partial list of the faculty publications.

The doctoral students have been equally active in publishing their research. Topics of their dissertation research ranged from management of groundwater in Ghana to municipal solid waste management in New Jersey; green remediation of veterinary antibiotics in the remediation to community perception on successful brownfield redevelopment. The students have so far published 2 books, 8 book chapters, 45+ journal articles, and a combination of more than 115 technical abstracts and conference proceedings. They made many oral and poster presentations in various international, national, regional, and local conferences. Several of them were successful in receiving student research awards, grants and scholarships. View a partial list of student publications and students grants and awards.

The core doctoral faculty members have increased their external funding several folds since the inception of the PhD program. Between 2007 and 2012, they have generated in excess of 12 million dollars in grants. Funds have been obtained from federal, state, regional, industry, as well as international sources.

Examples of participating faculty and grant sources include:

  • NSF (Deng, Prezant, Sarkar, Passchier, Wu)
  • USDA (Lal)
  • HUD (Sarkar)
  • NIST (Varde)
  • USEPA (Wu, Lal)
  • NASA (Chopping)
  • NIH (Ophori)
  • USDOD (Sarkar)
  • USDOI (Sarkar, Deng)
  • USDOL (Prezant)
  • NJ Sea Grant (Feng, Yu)
  • NJ Water Resources Research Institute (Deng, Sarkar)
  • NJ Department of Environmental Conservation (Wu)
  • NJ Water, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (Prezant)
  • DuPont Corporation (Sarkar, Deng)
  • Novartis Foundation (Prezant)
  • Roche & Merck Pharmaceuticals (Prezant)
  • The Louis Berger Group (Bologna)
  • Birdsall Services Group (Bologna)
  • Tianjin University Research Fund (Feng)
  • Vietnam Educational Foundation (Taylor)
  • The Angelo King Institute, Manila (Taylor)

Here is a partial listing of the grants obtained by the core faculty between 2007-2012.