Fall 2011

Sep 13 Dr. Dawn Digrus
Stevens Institute of Technology
Sustainable agriculuture and water management along the Santa Elena Penninsula: A Historical Approach
Sep 20 Dr. Louise Wootton
Georgian Court University
Current research into invasive dune plants
and dune ecosystems 
Sep 27 Michael Catania
Conservation Resources, Inc
Innovative funding of conservation projects:
The adventures of a conservation intermediary 
Oct 4 Lisanne Renner
Friends of Anderson Park
Before 'Green' was a buzzword: The olmsteds, green space, and resoring the Anderson Park in Montclair
Oct 11 Dr. Xingmao Ma
Southern Illinois University
Interactions of engineered nanoparticles and plants: Some insights on the sustainable development of nanotechnology
Oct 18 Thomas Phelan
Eng-Wong, Taub and Associates
Doing it right:
Integrating land use and transportation planning
Oct 25 John Petralia
Long Beach Island Foundation
Putting science in the LBI Foundation for the Arts and Sciences 
Nov 1 Dr. Sunil Bhaskaran
Bronyx Community College - CUNY
Near real-time mapping of terrestrial features using imaging spectroscopy techniques
Nov 8 Kathleen Duca-Sandberg
Seron Hall University
The demise of the Tocks Island Dam: Environmental war or the war in Vietnam
Nov 15 Dr. Flavia Alaya
Ramapo College of New Jersey
The disappearing Aral Sea: Whose disaster is it anyway?
Nov 29 Dr. Laying Wu
Montclair State University
Application of electron microscopy technology in material and environmental sciences
Dec 6 Eric Stern
Batelle Memorial Institute
Sustainable sediment environmental management applications in complex environmental systems
Dec 13 Dr. Liping Wei
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Microalgae and it's interfacing with nanotechnology

Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management

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