Spring 2012

Jan 24 Dr. Yang Deng
Montclair State
Advanced oxidation processes for lanfill leachate treatment:
Opportunity and challenge
Jan 31 Dr. Frank Gallagher
Gallagher Green
Valuing ecosystem services of urban green space
Feb 7 Ken Hayes
Aqua Survey, Inc.
Bombs, contaminants, and treasure
Feb 14 Paola Dolcemascolo
Michael Pawlish
Kevin Olsen
PhD Dissertation Proposal Presentation
Feb 21 Pamini Das
Luke Diglio
Pravin Punamiya
PhD Dissertation Proposal Presentation
Feb 28 John Cusack
Gifford Park Association
Sustainability, technology and finance
Mar 6 Dr. Marc Imhoff
Gray wave of the great transformation:A satellite view of urbanization, climate change and food security
Mar 20 Dr. Qingzhi Zhu
Stony Brook
Small scale biogeochemical heterogeneity of the seafloor revealed by planar optical sensors
Mar 27 Dr. Jill Lipoti
Using the Barnegat Bay Restoration as a model for watershed protection and enhancement
Apr 3 Dr. Bo Hu
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
A new method to harvest microalgae via fungal pelletization
Apr 10 Dr. Jason Kelsey
Muhlenberg College
Effects of species interaction on bioaccumuation
of DDE from soil
Apr 17 Dr. Kalyanaram Gurumurthy
Amrita School of Business
Non-market valuation and ethical preferences: A study of choices in public environmental goods
Apr 24 Dr Evert Elzinga
Rutgers Newark
Control of aqueous Mn(II) on the mineralogy and structure of solid phase Mn-oxides

Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management

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