Summer Institute 2012

Download the ecology and population presentations by Dirk Vanderklein

Nancy Schultz taught us at CMP (Connected Math Program) at her PD center, Conquer Mathematics, in Fairfield.

Nancy Schultz headshot

Diana Sanchez "Change is Sweet" - making ice cream in baggies

  • Sanchez in front of a table with groceries
  • Tim with homemade ice cream

Maryam Alapa - Tracing the spread of a virus in people

  • Alapa Virus in test tubes
  • Virus group with cups of samples

Dirk Vanderklein - Distribution of plaintain weeds in the field

  • Flags Edge image
  • Jess sticking a flag in the ground
  • Flags for Plants

Alex, Jess, Anna, and Francesca made terrariums and looked at pond water through microscopes

  • terrariums in clear cases
  • student looking in a microscope black and white image