Faculty in the program engage students in research and educational opportunities spanning the world. As a student, you have the opportunity to pursue marine biology and marine biological research. Dr. Bologna has been leading research and educational trips to St. Johns Island (US Virgin Islands) since 2003. This work has yielded three papers published with students and over 12 scientific presentations. Drs. Brachfeld and Passchier have traveled to Antarctica to investigate polar sediments and students have traveled with them to pursue research. Additionally, the University has a vibrant Study Abroad Program and opportunities such as Operation Wallacea, Three Seas Program, Semester at Sea, and courses and research through the New Jersey Marine Science Consortium.

Students in the program engage in both undergraduate and graduate research. Research opportunities abound in marine biology, aquatic ecology, geosciences, and environmental sciences for students in the program. Many student research projects are presented at regional and national meetings and many have been published in research journals.

Marine Biology

  • Caribbean Black Sea Urchins
  • Use of mangroves and seagrasses by fish and invertebrates
  • Seagrass diversity and secondary production
  • Herbivory and tropical plant diversity
  • Seagrass Restoration
  • Seagrass Community Structure

Aquatic Ecology

  • Wetland Characterization
  • Invasive Species
  • Lake Ecology
  • Amphibian Ecology


  • Antarctic Sediment structure
  • Sediment Contamination