Graduate Programs

Master’s Degrees

Doctoral Degree

The program provides candidates with opportunities to obtain expertise in the teaching of mathematics, educational leadership and curriculum development and modification and to conduct research in mathematics education. It recognizes the influence that teacher leaders have in renewing and strengthening our nation's educational system and the critical importance of strong education programs in our nation's quest for improving our social and political democracy while maintaining its technological superiority.

Students applying for full time studies are eligible for the MSU Westerdahl Fellowship.

Please contact Dr. Mika Munakata for advising.

Other programs

Email the address corresponding to the program for program information, questions and advising.

Combined Programs

These degrees provide students with the advanced material needed for positions of leadership in business, industry and government, as well as for teaching at the high school and community college level. The concentration in mathematics education will upgrade the skills of teachers and offers a special combination of courses in mathematics, mathematics education and the use of technology in mathematics education.