Undergraduate Programs

Chairperson: Dr. Helen M. Roberts
Advisor: George Grover

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers the following degrees and programs:



Combined 5-year Programs


The programs introduce central ideas in a variety of areas in Mathematics and Physics, and develop problem-solving ability by teaching students to combine critical thinking with rigorous reasoning. The Mathematics program provides students with a spectrum of courses in pure and applied mathematics and develops rigorous mathematical thinking. All majors prepare students for graduate study.

Academic Advising

Advisor: George Grover

The undergraduate advisor is the department's resource for specific information such as advanced placement, transfer credits, dual majors, Cooperative Education, and independent study.

Learn more about Academic Advising or contact Shari Ferguson-Murtha with non-math and general advising inquiries 

Course Availability

View the Fall 2013 - Spring 2015 Projected Undergraduate Course Offerings in Pure and Applied Mathematics (Upper level).

Research Opportunities

As a student in our department, you have many opportunities to pursue independent scientific research with faculty members. The first step is to find out what faculty members are doing research that is exciting to you. Reach out to your professors to find out what they are working on. If you find something of interest follow up to see how you could get involved with them!


For undergraduate scholarship opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences department visit our scholarships page