IMPORTANT NOTE: All first-time users of the MSU Google Calendar system must reset their NetID password before they can access the microscope schedules. Reset your NetID password by clicking Quick Links at the top of any MSU web page, under Technology click NetID, the proceed to login and change your password.

For our Montclair State University customer’s convenience, campus users can make a microscope reservation online. A series of calendars for our microscopes have been created. Each microscope has a specific same-name calendar. Before you making a reservation, please send your University NetID to me ( You will then be added into the EM user list

Once you are in our user list, you can schedule your time for using a specific microscope by clicking on the Google Calendar.

  1. Use you NetID to login to the Google Calendar.
  2. Then click the Create Event to make a scope reservation. In the blank space, enter your name, microscope, whether you need assistance on analysis or not, and select the time slots you need.
  3. Then in the middle, right click Room. In the drop-down list click Asset, and select the specific microscope:

    Add Asset-CSAM-MMRL-Microscope Hitachi H-7500 TEM

    Add Asset-CSAM-MMRL-NIkon C2 Confocal Microscope

    Add Asset-CSAM-MMRL-Microscope Hitachi S-3400N SEM

    Add Asset-CSAM-MMRL-Scanning Probe Microscope AA5000

  4. Then click Add. Afterward, click Save.