Sokol Lecture Series 2007 Video of Dr. Robert Hazen Discussing “Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life’s Origin"

Dr. Hazen is Clarence J. Robinson Professor of Earth Science at George Mason University. He is the co-author of Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy. Since 1994, Hazen has authored The New Alchemists: Breaking Through the Frontiers of High-Pressure Research, The Diamond Makers and Why Aren't Black Holes Black: Unanswered Questions at the Frontiers of Science (written with Maxine Singer). He has appeared on NBC's The Today Show, CBS's Nightwatch, WGBH (Boston) NOVA and numerous other national and local TV and radio programs. He has also contributed articles and editorials to Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, Chronicle of Higher Education, The Scientist, and other periodicals. Dr. Hazen is also an accomplished musician and plays the symphonic trumpet