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Amanda Menasion

A student builds confidence as he makes his way to the top of the Climbing Wall.

Jefferson Township Middle School's "Gold" Team visits Montclair State University's Field Station for Environmental Studies

The seventh graders from JTMS experience the great outdoors during their trip to the New Jersey School of Conservation in Stokes State Forest.

Kate Hausman

Students look for aquatic invertebrates during Water Ecology

Livingston Park School Returns to the New Jersey School of Conservation

Continuing their long history with Montclair State University, Livingston Park students enjoy their outdoor education experience in Stokes State Forest

The NJSOC welcomes the Hewitt School

The Hewitt School makes it first trip to Montclair State University's environmental field station in Stokes State Forest

Newark Christian School Visits MSU's School of Conservation

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders from Newark spend three days learning about the natural environment

Olivia Hathaway

Students let off some steam with a rousing game in the Corral

Jefferson Township Middle School Sends Their "Blue" Team to NJSOC

The first of three middle school teams travels to Stokes State Forest for an outdoor education experience

Olivia Hathaway

Students work together to solve problems during the ASE activity

Harrington Park School Continues Outdoor Learning Experience

The sixth graders from Harrington Park School visited the wilds of Stokes State Forest for another outdoor learning experience at the New Jersey School of Conservation

MSU Researchers Study Green Frogs at NJSOC

Dr's John Korky and John Smallwood publish their results in the Bulletin of the Maryland Herpetological Society

Google Earth Finds Longest Beaver Dam in the World!

JCJA students learn to work together

Inner City Schools and the School of Conservation

Jersey City Joint Activities visit the New Jersey School of Conservation to learn about the environment and themselves

Ford won't sell 65-mpg diesel car in U.S.