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Justin Seventko Receives 2017 Doctoral Student Research Award

The award is given as a part of the annual CSAM awards of excellence event.

Master Math Tutor at William Paterson University

The Academic Success Center at William Paterson University seeks to fill (2) part time mathematics tutoring positions to work one on one and in small groups with students to improve their math skills.

Andrew Aboagye

Students practice teamwork as they work the Australian Trolleys.

Jersey City Students Experience the Great Outdoors

The Jersey City Joint Activities Program gives students to opportunity to get up close and personal with the natural world.

Jamie Hoffman

A group of students discover treasures in the woods during the "Questing" activity.

Jersey City Joint Activities Return to the NJSOC

The 6th-graders from Jersey City School District brave the great outdoors at Montclair State's environmental field station.

Veronica Puza

A pair of students capture images of Lake Wapalanne during their Conservation Photography class.

Jersey City Joint Activities Program Savors Another Meaningful Trip to the NJSOC

The students from the Jersey City School District enjoy their environmental field trip into Stokes State Forest.

Entry Level Lab Technician at Elite Personnel Inc.

Working under the direction of the Lab Manager, the role comprises of compounding fragrance compounds for the perfumery team to fulfill needs for our client's projects.

A Letter from New Guinea – by William H. Thomas

Kairik Airport – Porgera Station – Enga Province - Papua New Guinea

Associate Food Scientist at Apex Life Sciences

The individual in this position will perform product development work with supervision to meet project objectives. May be asked to perform multiple, simultaneous projects.

Students Tackle Sustainability Issues Through Green Team Program

The Montclarion looks back at the success of the first Green Team cohort as the program prepares for its second.

Faculty and Students present at NCTM Research Conference and Annual Conference

Multiple groups presented their research projects throughout the conferences held in San Antonio from April 3-5 and April 5-8.