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Danny Cramer

Two students work together during Fish Ecology to census the fish in Lake Wapalanne using the traditional rod and reel method.

Bordentown Regional Middle Explores the Natural World at the New Jersey School of Conservation

Emily Bonder

A student tries to identify a plant during the Plant Life class.

Lafayette School Ventures to Montclair State University's NJSOC

Local school spends time learning about the environment in Stokes State Forest

George Johnson

Students explore Lake Wapalanne.

NJSOC Hosts The Waldorf School

The small group from Princeton enjoys a trip to Stokes State Forest

Stephanie Sherman

NJSOC educator, Walt Myers, helps a student during the Fish Ecology class.

Smedley Elementary School travels to Stokes State Forest for Environmental Education Program

Part of the Mastery Charter Schools of Philadelphia, the Smedley School visits Montclair State University's New Jersey School of Conservation for an outdoor educational experience

MSU Researchers Study Green Frogs at NJSOC

Dr's John Korky and John Smallwood publish their results in the Bulletin of the Maryland Herpetological Society

Google Earth Finds Longest Beaver Dam in the World!

JCJA students learn to work together

Inner City Schools and the School of Conservation

Jersey City Joint Activities visit the New Jersey School of Conservation to learn about the environment and themselves

Ford won't sell 65-mpg diesel car in U.S.

GM plans to dump use of landfills