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Emily Bonder

Students bound across one of the numerous forest streams during the half-day hike.

South Harrison Township School Visits NJSOC

Continuing a long tradition that spans more than 25 years, the South Harrison Township School makes the long trek to Stokes State Forest to learn about the natural environment at the New Jersey School of Conservation.

George Johnson

Students investigate the frozen lake

Moorestown Friends Visit the NJSOC for a Wintery Experience

This past winter brought many opportunities for outside snow and ice activities

Stephanie Sherman

Environmental educator Walt Myers instructs students on the finer points of cross country skiing

Wood-Ridge Students Have a N-Ice time at NJSOC

Some school groups only want a winter experience at the NJSOC. Although we can't guarantee ice, snow and cold temperatures, the Wood-Ridge School was not disappointed!

Jennifer Lauren Correa-Kruegel

Dr. FitzGerald holds the anesthetized bobcat with radio collar in place

Bobcat in New Jersey

Working with NJDEP Principal Zoologist, Mick Valent, MSU biologist Dr. Randall FitzGerald traps and radio collars a bobcat in Stokes State Forest

Danny Cramer

Students have hands-on experience during the Early American Woodworking class

Ocean City’s Seventh Grade Explores the Outdoors at the NJSOC

“Oh my, so much snow!” “We don’t get snow like this. We live on the beach!” “Can we go out on the lake? Is it frozen enough?” “Are we going skiing today?” “Is it ever summer up here?”

Emily Bonder

Environmental educator Tom Card talks about the 1860 DeGroat Cabin during the Pioneer Life Class

Somers Point School District Gets Snowed-In!

Winter snow storm adds to the outdoor experience at NJSOC

George Johnson

Late afternoon recreational activities included a spin around Lake Wapalanne on ice skates

Rumson Country Day School has Outdoor Adventure

Below freezing temperatures greet RCDS during their visit to Montclair State University's New Jersey School of Conservation

Danny Cramer

Students enjoy a snow-sculpture competition

Seventh Graders from Jefferson Middle School Play, Learn, Grow in the Snow

Stephanie Sherman

AmeriCorps member, Danny Cramer, leads hike during a Black Bear Ecology class.

Jersey City Joint Activities Experiences a Winter Wonderland at NJSOC

Danny Cramer

NJSOC educator, Walt Myers, teaches students about wilderness survival skills

Wenonah’s Sixth-Graders Explore the Outdoors at the New Jersey School of Conservation