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Engineering for the Aviation Industry

Work at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Center in Pomona, NJ to develop a system to audit air traffic control operations for compliance with safety standards.

Sustainable Verona Recognizes More ‘Green’ Businesses

At its Green Fair this past Saturday, Sustainable Verona welcomed 12 more businesses into its Green Business recognition program.

Dr. Jinshan Gao awarded a research grant by the National Science Foundation

The $279,000 grant will support Dr. Gao's research project entitled "RUI: Glycan Characterization and Quantitative Analysis via Free-Radical Induced Dissociation"

Jamie Hoffman

NJSOC environmental educator and graduate student, Amanda Menasion, explains how trails are marked during the Survival class.

The Arthur M. Judd Elementary School Continues Environmental Education

North Brunswick fifth graders enjoy learning about the natural environment in Stokes State Forest.

Andrew Aboagye

Students practice using colonial-era woodworking tools as they learn about how our ancestors lived many years ago.

John Adams Elementary School visits the New Jersey School of Conservation

The fifth-graders from North Brunswick experience the great outdoors at Montclair State University's environmental field station.

Faculty Members Collaborate on National Adolescent Obesity Study

Montclair State professors part of research team that challenges how obesity is diagnosed

Montclair continues work with Green Business Program

The Green Business Program is one of several projects that Montclair has carried out in order to achieve bronze certification status with Sustainable Jersey.

Veronica Puza

AmeriCorps member, Jamie Hoffman, teach Pioneer Life in the 1860 DeGroat Cabin.

Stone Bridge Seventh Graders attend the School of Conservation for Environmental Experience

Stone Bridge School continues it's long tradition of giving their seventh graders a quality outdoor education experience.

CSAM Holds 2017 Awards of Excellence Ceremony

The event has been held for the past 12 years, and we continue to recognize the great accomplishments and achievements of CSAM faculty, staff and students.

Congratulations to EAES student and faculty award winners

2 EAES faculty and 14 students were among the awardees honored by the University, the College of Science and Mathematics, and the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies this spring.