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Associate Professor Marc Favata and Assistant Professor Rodica Martin

Physics Faculty, Members of LIGO Team, Comment on 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

Professors Rodica Martin and Marc Favata describe impact of ground-breaking work

Artist’s depiction of the merger of two black holes and the gravitational waves that ripple outward as the black holes spiral toward each other.

Listening to the Universe

Scientists proving Einstein’s theories usher in new field of gravitational-wave astronomy

Professors awarded $20,000 of computing time with Microsoft Azure

Steven Greenstein and Teo Paoletti, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, will be working in the artificial intelligence environment.

Dr. Nicole Panorkou funded through National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation postdoctoral fellowship

Dr. Panorkou's work revolves around the DYME-V Project: Exploring volume measurement dynamically. She is working with doctoral students Madhavi Vishnubhotla and Debasmita Basu.

Dr. John Smallwood with an American Kestrel

John Smallwood, Biology, Elected American Ornithological Society Fellow

The American Ornithological Society (AOS), the most prestigious professional society in the discipline, chooses Fellows based on their exceptional and sustained contributions to ornithology.

Dr. Eileen Murray and Dr. Amir Golnabi receive NSF IUSE Grant

Adjunct Mathematics Instructor Resources and Support: Improving Undergraduate Precalculus Teaching and Learning Experience.

Math Ed PhD Faculty and Students publish in Extending Mathematical Practices to Online Teaching

Eileen Fernández, Jason McManus, and Douglas M. Platt describe some of the modifications teachers can expect if they use synchronous online platforms, as well as the possibilities for upholding ideas inherent in the NCTM Process Standards.

Team of students and faculty analyze different ways STEM textbooks and practitioner journals represent information graphically

The research team is comprised of Dr. Teo Paoletti, Madhavi Vishnubhotla, Zareen Rahman, Debasmita Basu, and Justin Seventko.

Math Ed PhD faculty and students publish article in NCTM's Mathematics Teacher

Dr. Teo Paoletti, Ceire Monahan, and Madhavi Vishnubhotla recently published an article describing ways math teachers can create share-able GeoGebra applets to use in their own classrooms.

Lab Tech at Aerotek

These opportunities offer competitive salaries/benefits along with promising career growth